Southern Breeding

Artist: Ojo
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


All these gorgeous women are desperate for a good dicking—and if their partners won’t give it to them, they’ll go find someone who will!


Ojo makes their English-language debut with J18 Publishing in Southern Breeding! There’s a whopping eleven women waiting for you between these covers, and they’re fixing to give you a taste of southern hospitality… whether your body can handle it or not!

The name of the game is satisfaction, and Ojo’s female protagonists are here to play! Maybe you’ll enjoy “Overwrite”, the story of a housewife named Mizuki who moves from the countryside to Tokyo with her husband for his job: he’s at the office working late every day to support the two of them, but money isn’t the only kind of support a young woman needs! It’s a good thing the head of the neighborhood association is around to fill the hole in Mizuki’s… life. Perhaps “Savory Summertime Snack” will be more your speed, starring Taketo (virgin), Hiroki (insufferable), and his girlfriend Naho (horny as hell)! Hiroki has a bit too much fun in the sun and snoozes his afternoon away, leaving Naho free to sniff out the virgin on Hiroki and devour him whole! But the final two chapters of this tankoubon are dedicated to “Ayako’s Cir-Cum-Stances”, where loving mother Ayako’s relationship with her husband Yoshiki is thrown into jeopardy by her father-in-law! He’s found some of Ayako’s sex pics with an old flame on the internet and threatens to show them to her husband, unless Ayako’s willing to show him the goods in the flesh! If you’re wondering where the satisfaction is… it turns out what Ayako fears second to Yoshiki seeing those photos is the notion she might be enjoying her treatment at her father-in-law’s hands! These three chapters are just a taste of the salacious stories waiting for you inside Southern Breeding… and they’re all tempting you to read further.

J18 Publishing and Ojo are pleased to present this special English edition of Southern Breeding. Featuring fully translated dialogue and SFX, this book is also presented in the original A5 form factor to preserve everything you loved about the original Japanese version… and now, you can enjoy Ojo’s gorgeous artwork without a single black bar of censorship! The women inside this book know exactly what they want—so why don’t you make up your mind too, and grab this fantastic tankoubon today?

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