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Back for a second round, Shiwasu no Okina’s Say Cheese series has been reprinted as an extra-special three-book box set to celebrate the 11th anniversary of its original publication!

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Shiwasu no Okina and J18 Publishing return to the artist’s legendary Say Cheese series, commemorating its original publication with a special three-in-one box set! Say Cheese 1, Say Cheese 2, and the Shousen Academy Yearbook are all included in this second edition re-release of his legendary story!

Say Cheese stars Tamao Tsukamu, kendo practitioner and second-year student at Shousen Academy. One day, he has a task of extraordinary responsibility thrust upon him by the student council: he is to gather photos of the academy’s third-year students for inclusion in the academy yearbook… but not just any photos, and for not just any yearbook! For Shousen Academy produces two yearbooks, and one of them features the candid sex pics of all students who submit their own! It is Tamao’s responsibility to gather these photographs, and to have sex himself with every female student who hasn’t prepared pictures of her own!

As for students who are unwilling to submit their pictures, Shousen Academy has a gambling tradition: the Maidenhood Match, whereupon students stake their sex pics on a wager of their own choosing! Tamao will face off against students like gravure idol Miyanagi Sena in a test of fashion magazine knowledge and cheerleader Honjoumiya Tsubomi in a high-stakes mahjong match, wagering his entire porn stash and his own two testicles respectively! But the Shousen Academy yearbook represents much more than a kinky way to commemorate the commencement of its students, and Tamao may have to face off against the very student council itself to discover the terrible truth!

J18 Publishing and Shiwasu no Okina are proud to present this exclusive edition of Say Cheese, presented for the first time as all 550+ pages of Shousen Academy’s story in one place! With every last line of dialogue translated and each individual SFX lettered by hand, each book in this box set is additionally presented in the original A5 format to preserve everything you loved about reading the original books in Japanese… and as ever, this collection of Shiwasu no Okina’s multi-volume epic is completely, 100% uncensored! This is the perfect collection for newcomers to SnO’s stories… and even if you already own the first two books à la carte, you won’t want to miss this special anniversary box set!

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