Artist: Moyamoya
Publisher: J18
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Prepare your heart for Moyamoya’s English-language debut tankoubon, Labyrinth! You’d better hope you came here to fap AND to feel.

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Moyamoya is hitting shelves for the first time ever in English with their tankoubon Labyrinth! Brought to you by Akaneshinsha and J18 Publishing, this book contains nine captivating chapters that will suck you in and refuse to let go!

This book contains seven stories, each featuring a different cast of characters. Will you be drawn to the story of siblings Toshio and Konatsu, imprisoned within a family forbidden to have relationships with outsiders? How about the tainted romance between student Igarashi Yukino and her teacher, the story of a girl seeking comfort from the one man in her life she feels she can trust? Or what about the two-chapter tale of Aida Manabu and Sekiguchi Sanae, about a young man who has a chance encounter with his high-school sweetheart… at an amateur porn shoot?! This isn’t a vanilla book, folks: this is for people who want SPICE!

J18 Publishing and Moyamoya are pleased to bring you this special English edition of Labyrinth! Now, for the first time, you can read Moyamoya’s work without any censorship! Printed in the same A5 size as the original tankoubon, this is a faithful recreation of the original Japanese release, perfect for English-speaking fans all over the world!

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