Sweet Seraph Love Mary: Unholy Conception

Artist: Satou Kuuki
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


The Sweet Seraphs protect the world from demonic evil with the power of holy love! But Lord Elzeam, the most powerful demon of all, is about to challenge their purity…

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“Love Ma-Reincarnation!” From Satou Kuuki and J18 Publishing, the riveting tale of good versus evil—Love Mary—is finally here! But reader beware: foul demons lurk inside these pages, and not even the power of the Sweet Seraphs can hold them at bay for long…

By day, Asahina Akari is a mild-mannered schoolgirl… but when the world is threatened by powerful demon-kin, she springs into action as the Sweet Seraph Love Mary Lip! Together with Love Mary Lapis and Love Mary Stella, they keep the world safe from demonic influences with the power of holy love! But opposing them is none other than the fallen god Lord Elzeam, and his evil influence (and many tentacles) will corrupt the Sweet Seraphs, slowly but surely. Magical girl uniforms torn to shreds, throngs of writhing tentacles, and even more demonic depravity lies within, perhaps even enough to turn Love Marys to Succu-Marys…

J18 Publishing and Satou Kuuki are proud to present Love Mary, available for the first time as a physical English release! Printed in its original A5 format, this special English edition preserves every last delicious detail of the Japanese release… and now, you can fall to corruption without an ounce of censorship barring your way.

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