Gyarus or Bust! ★

Artist: Nusmusbim
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


We choose to love gyarus not because they are easy, but because we are hard.


Nusmusbim makes their physical English debut with J18 Publishing in Gyarus or Bust! ★ These girls don’t care if you’re too timid to tell them how you feel: they’re thirsty, and they’re going to drain you dry!

Nine different gyarus are waiting for you between these covers, and they’re all down horrendously for the protagonists of their chapters! In “Sisterly Sexing”, Ayaka and Moeka are two sisters who both have a crush on their teacher… except Moeka makes her move first, leaving Ayaka frustrated, jealous, and with no other option but to steal him for herself! For those who prefer traditional darker-skinned gyarus, “Gyaru Sluts at Night” features sugar baby Sakura: she’s all ready to meet her daddy, but accidentally misidentifies him as overworked banker Adachi! When he suddenly gets a phone call from a client, she’ll have to fuck him as quiet as possible—until he can hang up, that is. Then there’s Tsukamoto from “Hit That Love Hotel”, another girl who needs a good lay more than the cash men pay her for it! When teacher’s pet Yamaoka catches her leaving a love hotel, he threatens to report her to their school… so she decides to see if he can satisfy her instead! These aren’t the only gyarus waiting for you inside this book: each is hornier than the last, and the best way to learn about all of them is to read all the stories for yourself!

Nusmusbim and J18 Publishing are pleased to present this special English edition of Gyarus or Bust! ★ Featuring fully translated dialogue and SFX, this book is also presented in the original A5 form factor to preserve everything you loved about reading the original Japanese version… except now, you can appreciate every last inch of these gyarus without a single black bar of censorship! You can bring all these gyarus home with you today… if they don’t invite themselves over first!

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