Animal Girl Hotline

Artist: Jun
Publisher: J18
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Your animal girl soulmate is out there somewhere waiting to meet you: don’t delay, call today!

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Jun’s legendary Animal Girl Hotline tankoubon is finally available from J18 Publishing! Featuring eight chapters bursting with a veritable zoo of colorful characters, this book is an incredible addition to the annals of lovey-dovey monster girl sex!

Every chapter of Animal Girl Hotline features a different species, so why not start off with Nia the catgirl? The only problem is she’s been summoned to our world in heat, so her master will have his hands full making sure her desires are sated! On the other side of that coin is Pokora, a tanuki girl who can’t use her transformation magic to blend in with humans when she gets turned on. Her only chance to fit in is to practice having sex with her partner while using her abilities to cosplay as a sexy nurse, maid, and more from the human world!

Then there’s Anura the frog girl, summoned by a man who’s always wanted a bubbly little sister. Turns out he never thought about what would happen if her enthusiasm sent her searching for his porno stash! But there’s also Rupia the harpy, accidentally summoned by a chronically ill teenager calling for an ambulance. It’s a good thing her eggs are nutritious enough to heal any malady… but her new partner might need to help her with the laying!

Phyllis the centaur is saved from a horde of wolves when she’s summoned to the human world, by a man whose girlfriend dumped him for having a dick too big to comfortably fuck. Luckily, a horse-sized dick is one thing that won’t be a problem for a centaur! Belle the cow girl is similarly sized, but she’s been summoned by a farm boy who’s pretty short of stature. But if there’s one thing cow girls are good at, it’s making milk to help people grow up strong… and Belle’s is so delicious, her partner’s going to want to drink it straight from the tap!

Bibi the bat girl just wants to stay inside all day and play video games, but her summoner-cum-roommate is tired of her hogging the TV every night! There’s only one thing to do: hold a sex-based contest, and whoever cums more has to hand the controller over! Last but certainly not least is Naja the lamia, fortune teller. Snake girls aren’t terribly popular, so she’s been waiting for the perfect human partner to accept her fangs and scaly body—and might know something about where all these other monster girls are coming from…

J18 Publishing and Jun are proud to bring you this incredible English edition of Animal Girl Hotline. Presented in the original A5 format and with every sfx and line of dialogue translated, this release preserves absolutely everything you loved about the original Japanese version… except now, you can enjoy Jun’s lovingly-illustrated monster girls without a single black bar of censorship! Animal Girl Hotline is a masterpiece well worth a spot on the shelves of any manga collector or monster girl lover, so don’t delay: call the animal girl hotline today!

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