Artist: BUTA
Publisher: J18
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If you like dark-skinned childhood friends with visible abs and short hair, do we ever have the book for you!


BUTA makes their English-language debut with this super-special three-chapter advance tankoubon, #Besties! J18 Publishing is pleased to make available BUTA’s first three commercial chapters in this special thin tankoubon—certainly enough for an introduction to the short-haired, dark-skinned, childhood friend gyarus that BUTA has to offer!

“Teddy Steady” and “Teddy Steady Encore” focus on the relationship between the taciturn Zen and the extroverted Rina! She just loves cute things, and she’s made a habit of dressing up Zen as long as she’s known him… but he’s self-conscious about feeling like he’s dragging her away from the popular crowd. The two share a tender moment of bonding as Rina helps Zen embrace everything about himself that she loves, and it isn’t long until he feels confident enough to occasionally take the lead! Then there’s “Teach’s Temptation”, starring Rina and her long-time teacher crush: she’s eager to take things to the next level with him, but her teacher’s rational brain won’t let him do it. Luckily for Rina, a couple smooches and some sexy undies are the key to her sensei’s heart! #Besties may be a short three chapters, but it’s certainly none the sweeter for it!

J18 Publishing and BUTA are pleased to present this special English edition of #Besties. This advance tankoubon is presented in large-format B5 size, just like you would read it in a magazine! As ever, all dialogue and sound effects have been fully translated and lettered to preserve everything you loved about the original Japanese chapters… and of course with J18, you can appreciate BUTA’s artwork fully uncensored! We’ve included a special artist interview with the artist in celebration of their first-ever print release, making this three-chapter collection a must-have for any budding BUTA fans!

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