She’s Somebody’s Spouse

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Sure, she may be married… but sharing is caring!


Shinozuka Yuuji makes their English-language debut with J18 Publishing in She’s Somebody’s Spouse, featuring adulterous housewives galore! Whether they’re stuck in sexually unfulfilling marriages or actively looking for excuses to cheat, these MILFs won’t be held back by the bonds of matrimony!

Eight unfaithful stories are waiting for you inside this tankoubon, featuring couples ranging from merely dating to fully married! In “Her Side I’ve Never Seen”, Yumiko meets her fiancé‘s father for the first time… only to discover he’s one of the guys she used to date for cash back in high school! Then there are stories like “Sexual Delivery” where Kanae, fed up with her dead bedroom, lets her son’s friend fuck her in exchange for helping her pack up for moving day! But there’s also “A Mother’s Love”, where single mother Tomoko gets duped into having sex with her own son’s bully, and “Mommy’s Study Buddy”, where housewife Ayako is more than happy to fuck her daughter’s classmate-cum-tutor in exchange for his services… without a care in the world for what her husband might think! Whether you’re looking for women happy to cheat or those who need a little persuasion first, there’s some housewife love in this book for everyone!

J18 Publishing and Shinozuka Yuuji are pleased to present this special English edition of She’s Somebody’s Spouse, presented in the original A5 format and featuring fully-translated and lettered dialogue and SFX! And since this release is presented 100% uncensored, this is the best way for fans of Shinozuka Yuuji to appreciate everything they loved about the original Japanese version… and then some! These housewives won’t be going anywhere once this book’s in your collection, so get your hands on a copy today!

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