The Nude Beach Field Trip!! (Second Printing)

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Oh, to be on a nude beach with a harem of all your classmates! Another legendary story from Shiwasu no Okina, this title tells you exactly what you’re going to get!


J18 Publishing and Shiwasu no Okina are back with a hard-hitting classic: The Nude Beach Field Trip!! There’s no better way to break down the barriers between people than by removing their clothes, and that’s the exact experience homeroom teacher Ms. Suomi has in store for her students—no ifs or ands allowed, though there’s certainly plenty of butts!

Dragged off to Finland for a nude beach experience, poindexter class representative Nagato Naotatsu’s in a real bind: how on earth will he stop his horny male classmates from making trouble for the incredibly attractive female students? But try and control the desires of others as he may, he can’t stop his own boner from raging out of control! Luckily, Ms. Suomi has a contingency plan, the Pitcher’s Tent: if any boy gets a boner on the beach, one of his female classmates can give him a hand to make it go away! Will any one girl be enough to hold back Naotatsu’s self-repressed desires? It’s a good thing they all seem to have a thing for him!

Hold your horses, boys: there’s no choking your chicken on a nude beach, so only those all-natural boners are eligible! Good thing it won’t be hard to get one with these stunners around: there’s raven-haired female class rep Taniguchi Akiho, or Kotegawa Ayame with her short, braided hair and toned stomach! How about Ueda Keika, a tall stone-cold stunner who’s no stranger to sex? Or blonde and petite cutie Suemori Sayaka, who’s all too eager to get some experience herself? That’s to say nothing of Inui Shizuka and Nogi Kina, the perfectly pudgy class nerds who love the pretty boys in their manga and video games who can’t wait to find a guy who appreciates their hobbies! There’s also blonde fashionista Hanagi Machi and her gorgeous tanned bestie Sakai Maria, though they’ve both got boyfriends… but that doesn’t mean much when they’re a continent away! And who could forget the sporty big-boobed tomboy Amakawa Taemi, the baby-faced Ishibashi Miko (with the body to match), and the closet pervert Suzaki Miri? But don’t forget student councilwoman Onose Ai, with her short hair, piercing gaze, and ability to see straight to the heart of any situation… including this nude beach field trip!

J18 Publishing and Shiwasu no Okina are proud to present this nine-chapter, 238-page English edition of The Nude Beach Field Trip!! With every last bubble of dialogue and SFX translated, and presented in the original A5 size, this special release preserves everything you loved about reading the original Japanese version… and lest we forget to mention, this book is 100% uncensored! With so many wonderful characters to choose from, at least one of these twelve fantastic girls ought to catch your eye—after all, Naotatsu certainly caught all of theirs!

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