Hey… Let’s Do It

Artist: Pija
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


Open wide for nine of Pija’s sexiest, sloppiest stories ever committed to print!

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Pija makes their English-language debut with J18 Publishing featuring their first-ever tankoubon, Hey… Let’s Do It! Pija’s protagonists have an unrestrained, almost animalistic hunger for one another’s bodies, and once you start reading this book, you won’t be able to put it down until you’ve consumed them all!

Among Pija’s most popular stories is “That’s Me, the NPC”, featuring the unassuming Yazawa Ryo and class queen Kurosaki Karin. When Kurosaki invites Yazawa to an after-school mixer with a handful of horned-up older men, it isn’t long until Kurosaki and her popular friends round the bases from first to second to third… but it turns out Yazawa’s hiding some incredible feminine assets under her school uniform, and every man in the room can’t wait to get a piece of her! Equally well-known is “A Day to Ourselves”, featuring siblings Mayu and Takuya in a high-stakes emotional game of chicken: neither will dare to admit they’ve caught feelings, but that won’t stop the two from fucking one another stupid. From sloppy snotty kisses on the couch at home to gloopy creampie sex on their desks at school, this incorrigible pair loves every second, even if they’d never admit it! But for people who appreciate the littler things in life, there’s also “Sensitive Subjects”, featuring a short-haired, dark-skinned girl with mosquito bites so small she can fit band-aids over them instead of a bralette… and her tutor who figures out they’re just the way to get back at her for her relentless teasing. But there are many more stories waiting for you within this tankoubon, and the best way to appreciate them all is to crack the cover and get reading!

J18 Publishing and Pija are proud to present this special English edition of Hey… Let’s Do It! Presented in the original A5 size and featuring fully-translated, lovingly-lettered dialogue and SFX, this English release preserves absolutely everything you fell in love with in the original Japanese version… but now, you can appreciate this Pija masterpiece without a single black bar of censorship. The title of this tankoubon itself is entreating you to buy, so pick yourself up a copy quick!

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