Pure Love Mellow

Artist: Jun
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


Whether you’re in search of a lovey-dovey relationship or jonesing for a heaping helping of sex with no strings attached, Jun’s debut tankoubon Pure Love Mellow is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

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J18 Publishing is proud to present Jun’s debut tankoubon in English, Pure Love Mellow! Featuring ten original characters from the first two years of Jun’s H-manga career, Pure Love Mellow is perfect for long-time fans of Jun’s perfectly-plump protagonists and new readers looking to discover what he has to offer!

Ten full-length chapters await within the pages of Pure Love Mellow, each with their own uniquely-lovable buxom heroine! Sudou Akane keeps manga club alumni Makino Akeru company in “From Disaster to Getting the Cat in the Bag”, while Makino works on his doujinshi for an upcoming comic event… until Sudou spills her drink on his computer, destroying weeks of hard work! Maybe if she cosplays as the catgirl from his unfinished book, it’ll take away the pain of his destroyed PC! If cosplaying on camera is more your speed, there’s Sawashiro Asuka and her skimpy Chinese dress from “Window to your Heart”, which she wears when she’s having nightly webcam sex with her next-door neighbor and childhood friend Aida Ryou! She hides her face, too embarrassed to tell him who she really is, but she knows she can’t stay anonymous forever—the only question is, will she be as appealing IRL as his net-borne fantasies?! There’s also Hoshino Kana, the short shorts-wearing shorty of “Like a Child”! Neither she nor our protagonist Sasaki Kouji are much for the bar-hopping social scene, so maybe they’ll get along better when it’s just the two of them… but with Hoshino’s short stature and Sasaki’s massive cock, their compatibility will be put to the test! And let’s not forget Togo Hime from “PURIFICATION”, a delinquent gyaru who brand-new teacher Kannari Imaichi is determined to bring under control! When Kannari catches her with a discarded porno magazine on school grounds, she’s determined to show him she’s no slut… and what better way to prove it than offering him her virginity?! And that’s not even half of what’s waiting for you inside this tankoubon—so what are you waiting for?!

J18 Publishing and Jun are delighted to bring you this special English edition of Jun’s first-ever tankoubon! 230 pages long and presented in the original A5 format, every last dialogue and SFX has been translated, lettered, and retouched to preserve everything you loved about reading the original Japanese release. (And as always, this J18 tankoubon doesn’t have a single black bar of censorship!)

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