I Love You

Artist: Jorori
Publisher: J18
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Three little words—say them and she’s yours.

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J18 Publishing is proud to present Jorori’s tooth-achingly sweet tankoubon, I Love You. Eleven chapters await within, gorgeous artwork alternating between the finest vanilla and the darkest chocolate… though of course, we couldn’t appreciate the sweet without the bitter.

Jorori’s debut publication features chapters like Summer and Purity, a tale of two childhood friends who have sex for the first time under the fireworks of a summer festival, and Maidens, Fall In Love, the story of a young woman who gets her boyfriend to understand that yes, girls want sex too! Of course, there are also chapters like The Caged Bug Longs For A Spider, starring a peeping tom who watches the object of his affections force her teacher into sex right in front of him, and I’m Better Than My Sister, in which a girl seduces her older sister’s boyfriend. Then there are the oddball chapters like Succuties and We’re Counting On You, Captain, featuring two succubi (?) who suck an unassuming salaryman dry, and a three-man baseball cheer squad with a captain who can’t wait to go all the way to home base with them!

But Jorori never strays too far from the vanilla for which his artwork has made him known, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the eponymous chapter I Love You, featuring Akane and Icchan, two high schoolers who finally say the “L” word before promising one day they’ll do the deed without a condom. And while the Japanese edition of this book ends with Will You Marry Me, a short epilogue starring the couple… this English edition goes one step further by adding one more chapter from the December 2019 issue of Comic Hotmilk, reprinted for the first time ever: Anniversary, a twenty-eight page afterstory showing Akane and Icchan’s relationship ten years later.

J18 Publishing and Jorori are deeply grateful to present this extra-special English edition of I Love You. Presented in the original A5 format, this release is faithful to everything you loved about the original Japanese version, with the only alterations being the removal of censorship from Jorori’s gorgeous art and the unprecedented addition of an extra chapter to provide closure to the story of two of this book’s protagonists. This is the ultimate way to enjoy Jorori’s I Love You, so if you’re not already reading, the best time to start is today!

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