Girls Rush Bunny

Artist: Jun
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


Monsters, elves, dickgirls, and more await you in Jun’s second tankoubon! Get in on the fun before these girls get in on you first!


J18 Publishing is back with Jun’s second tankoubon, Girls Rush Bunny! Eight chapters of fantasy hijinks are waiting for you in this fantasy-themed compilation featuring Jun’s busty, energetic heroines—so unsheathe your sword and dive straight in!

The action in Girls Rush Bunny grabs you from the first page, as Liz White—former mercenary—delivers a heaping helping of beatdown to rowdy bar patrons as she works off her tab at a rough-and-tumble tavern in “Job Change”… but maybe she’s pushing her luck with the owner a little far, since he’s about ready to have her use her body to cover her dine-and-dash antics! Then there’s Debby, the Gentlelady Thief of “Monster Partner”, a real Robin Hood type who’s eager to show the big-shot Dallas family the power of the people… that is, if their pet monsters don’t show her the power of the slimy nobility underbelly first! Then there’s Lina and Meisa in “Parasite Party”, a tag-team duo getting Lina her first mercenary experience in the field… but she bites off more monster than she can chew, and ends up with a tentacle cock wriggling its way inside her! Meisa’s more than happy to accompany Lina and her new physical endowment, but Meisa’s former partner Aisha wants her back, and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to impress her! Even if it means taking on a high-level mummy… one that’s ready to make quick work of her with some curses and bandage bondage! And we also have “The Nurse and the Beast”, rounding off our cast of characters with a dark elf nurse who’s all too happy to have a cute boy in need of her tender ministrations! Of course, when she gets an adorable beastman boy in her infirmary, she can’t help but help herself to his cute little body… but she might be underestimating the transformative powers of pleasure, and forgetting he’s called a beast man for a reason!

But the real meat and potatoes of Girls Rush Bunny is the tale of mercenary Aira and futanari elf Fana, in the three-part story “Princess・Princess”! A simple escort mission turned sour by a pack of roving bandits reveals that Fana’s no ordinary elf: she’s royalty in search of a human woman to bear her child, and Aira ticks off all those boxes! Their journey together to Fana’s home kingdom will be no easy excursion, with slavers eager to get their hands on a royal futanari elf… but even after reaching safety, Aira and Fana won’t give one another any time to rest—not when there’s baby-making to be done! “Princess・Princess” is Jun’s longest single story to date, and it’s packed with all the thrills (and sweet, sweet girl-on-dickgirl lovemaking) he can muster! With all this fantastic fantasy action on the table, there’s no missing out on Girls Rush Bunny!

J18 Publishing is delighted to present Jun’s second tankoubon in this special English edition. With every last bit of dialogue and SFX translated and presented in the original A5 size, this release preserves everything you loved about the original Japanese version… except this time, you can admire Jun’s lovely ladies without a single speck of censorship obscuring your view! Grab your copy of Girls Rush Bunny while you can—or these women might just bum-rush you first and not give you a choice!

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