Drowning in Lust

Artist: Hyocoro
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


Love’s a pure and powerful thing, but it takes lust to get two people into bed together.


J18 Publishing and Hyocoro are delighted to bring you Drowning in Lust, featuring six of Hyocoro’s finest stories dripping with passion! They say a drowning man will always drag someone down with him… but when both parties are up to their necks in hormones, they’ll explore the turbid depths of their desires together.

The centerpiece of this Hyocoro tankoubon is “My Sister and Her Friend”, starring Rin, her older brother, and her best friend Akiho. There’s seemingly little love lost between these two siblings, although the same can’t be said for Rin’s brother and Akiho—they’ve been having sex for two years! But their relationship isn’t as secret as they think, since Rin’s been onto them the whole time… and perhaps that’s why she’s so cagey around her older brother. But after he saves Rin from a harrowing near-assault in their own home, her adrenaline and suppressed emotions boil over and she’s left with no choice but to tell her brother how she really feels about him. A night of passion follows, inhibitions and reservations cast aside as the two indulge in what they could never admit they always wanted… but the morning after, what will their relationship become?

And there are five other stories to enjoy, like “Don’t Say You Love Me”, where a blond-haired tsundere demands her boyfriend convince her that he’s really in love with her, and “Rule of Two”, where a shy, tiny girl teases out the strong, silent lover inside the class hulk! And then there’s “Fall in Love, Four-Eyes”, where a college student seduces her long-time tutor from grade school, or “Summer Showers and Shizuku”, where two children of high society parents betrothed to one another struggle to reconcile their real romantic feelings with the lives their families have tried to force on them. And that’s not even mentioning “Friendzone Fakeout”, where a young man struggles to square his attraction to his childhood friend’s sister with the relationship the three of them have had for over a decade! The central theme of this book is admitting to and indulging in one’s true feelings… and every single chapter follows through.

J18 Publishing and Hyocoro are proud to present this special English edition of Drowning in Lust. Presented in the original A5 format, every single bit of dialog and SFX has been translated and lettered to preserve everything you loved about the Japanese version—the only deviation from the original being that this release is 100% uncensored! Go ahead, now: be true to your own desires, and purchase a copy for yourself…

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