Résumé of a Housewife

Artist: Rocket Monkey
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


This genre-defining NTR collection from Rocket Monkey features housewives at their most unfaithful… whether their husbands deserve it or not.


Rocket Monkey marks their first release in English with Résumé of a Housewife! Presented by J18 Publishing, this genre-defining NTR extravaganza is perfect for fans of the genre: with two multi-chapter cheating stories inside, Rocket Monkey’s manga will have you clutching your heart in one hand while you’re clutching your crotch in the other!

The first story in this collection is “The Housewife Cries at Night”, starring the high-powered Shizuka! The entire office loves her, but they’re not quite sold on her husband Natsuki—and neither is Shizuka’s boss, who reveals to her Natsuki has cost the company incredible sums of money with his business failures. He could fire her husband, but he’s a reasonable man… and he’s willing to accept Shizuka’s body as payment! While Shizuka wants as little to do with her supervisor as possible, she can’t help but slowly grow to appreciate sex with the man… as her guilt continues to mount, and she wonders how she’ll ever break free of him while managing to preserve her marriage.

“Secret Love” is the second story in this anthology, focusing on Misono: she’s a young woman married to an older man who’s since lost his sight, and spends his days listening to his favorite traditional comedian… at the expense of his wife, who feels neglected and unappreciated. Enter the charismatic, heavily-muscled Tsutomu, her husband’s paid caretaker! He’ll listen to her concerns and make her feel valued, and it isn’t long until he makes her feel pleasure as well once the two begin an affair together! The husband is clueless, but there are hints something isn’t right in his home—because while he may be blind, his senses of hearing and smell are no less impaired…

J18 Publishing and Rocket Monkey are pleased to present this English edition of Résumé of a Housewife. Presented in the original A5 format, this tankoubon features fully-translated and lettered dialogue and (many) SFX to preserve everything you loved about reading the original Japanese version… and now, you can appreciate Rocket Monkey’s full-bodied heroines without a single black bar of censorship in the way! These husbands may be unable to keep their women for themselves, but there’s nothing stopping YOU from getting your copy of this tankoubon today…

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