Please! Freeze! Please!

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Two chilly girls in search of heat and one very warm, embarrassed boy are the stars of Shiwasu no Okina’s latest sultry, slow-burning story!

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J18 Publishing and Shiwasu no Okina are delighted, pleased even, to bring you… Please! Freeze! Please! This ten-chapter, three-hundred page tankoubon is a masterclass on young love and rising sexual tensions, and as passions between our three main characters catch flame, you might find yourself getting a little warm under the collar as well!

Tsukami and Idabashi are the two heroines of our story, and they’ve got a few things in common: they’re both student librarians, and they get freezing cold in winter… but there’s one more thing they share, and that’s a crush on fellow student Mayumura! Not only is he just their type, but he’s naturally warm—perfect to cuddle up with on a cold school afternoon. But Mayumura’s shy, with very little experience around girls… so inexperienced that with two cute classmates nuzzled up to him, he can’t help but start pitching a tent. However, Tsukami and Idabashi are more than happy to come up with a scheme to get him comfortable around them… and that translates into a full course of hands-on sexual education!

Please! Freeze! Please! is an incredible slow burn filled with page after page of mouthwatering foreplay, refusing to let you tear your eyes away lest you miss a single interaction between these three young lovers. Each chapter brings a new development, with Shiwasu no Okina devoting as much care to scenes of passionate heavy petting and kissing as pages of sticky fingering and blowjobs. As the relationship between Mayumura, Tsukami, and Idabashi grows, so does the sexual tension between them… culminating in a magnificent final chapter worthy of every installment that came before!

J18 Publishing and Shiwasu no Okina are excited to bring you this very special English edition of Please! Freeze! Please! Available in the original A5 format, every last line of dialogue and sound effect has been translated, lettered, and retouched to create a reading experience preserving everything you loved about the original Japanese release… except now, you can enjoy Shiwasu no Okina’s artwork without an single black bar of censorship! Please! Freeze! Please! is an H-manga experience not to be missed, and this is finally your chance to have a copy of your very own!


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