Say Cheese! Volume 2

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The story of Shiwasu no Okina’s legendary tankoubon ‘Peace Hame’ concludes inside the action-packed Say Cheese Volume 2!

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J18 Publishing and Shiwasu no Okina are delighted to present Say Cheese Volume 2, picking up right where Volume 1 leaves off! Get ready for the continuation and conclusion to one of the biggest stories in eromanga history!

Inside this eight-chapter, three-hundred-six page behemoth of a tankoubon, the story of Shousen Academy’s graduation album continues! Tamao and Konome work tirelessly to score the gone-wild sex pictures of Shousen Academy’s students, but what happens when the students start to play dirty? Is there more to the graduation album than the Tamao has been led to believe?

In this second and final volume of Say Cheese, Tamao and his partner Konome continue battling it out against the female students of Shousen Academy for their sex photos. Tamao faces off against two high-profile students in even higher-stakes Maidenhood Matches, and more than the students’ sex pics may hang in the balance! Uncover the real story behind the Shousen Academy graduation album, and watch Tamao put everything on the line to protect his friends!

This is the second and final volume of Shiwasu no Okina’s Say Cheese, presented by J18 Publishing! Available for the first time ever in physical form, this A5 size English-language release is a perfectly faithful recreation of the original Japanese publication, with only one improvement: a complete and total lack of censorship! If you’re an English-speaking fan of Shiwasu no Okina, you can’t miss out on this release!

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