In Schlicking and in Sex

Artist: Bota Mochito
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


This comedy killer with gorgeous artwork will have you busting a gut while you’re busting a nut!


Bota Mochito makes their physical English debut with J18 Publishing, presenting In Schlicking and in Sex! These ten gorgeous chapters are packed with not only gorgeous illustrations, but jokes that’ll make you laugh so hard you need tissues for a second reason!

Expertly blending comedy and sex, this book is filled with chapters like “Euphoric Orgasmissimo Duet” where a lonely drummer’s solo performance is interrupted by a beautiful pianist’s fingers tickling his ivory! If nature’s more your speed, how about programming such as “Like They Do on the Animal Channel”, where a zookeeper crushing on her supervisor enlists the help of a precocious primate to trap the two in an enclosure overnight? But there’s also “Sisterhood of the Traveling Phallus”, where a defeated demon lord goes on a journey to recover her(?) missing manhood from the hero who absconded with it, and “Maso-Kissed”, where a B-list actor struggles to make his co-star with a sadistic streak swoon! There’s much more waiting for you between the covers of this tankoubon, and the only conundrum you’ll have once you start is figuring out how to turn the pages with one hand!

J18 Publishing and Bota Mochito are pleased to present this special English edition of In Schlicking and in Sex. Presented in the original A5 size and featuring fully-translated and lettered dialogue and SFX, this release preserves everything you loved about reading the original Japanese version… except now, you can appreciate Bota Mochito’s gorgeous artwork without any of that pesky censorship! Whether you’re whacking off or fucking for real, this book will always welcome you with open pages… so take home your copy today!

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