Say Cheese! Volume 1

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Shiwasu no Okina’s legendary tankoubon ‘Peace Hame’ is FINALLY available in English! Get ready for the photo-filled fuckfest inside Say Cheese Volume 1!

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In a tankoubon for the ages, HIT Comics and Shiwasu no Okina have struck a partnership with J18 Publishing to deliver one of the most legendary stories in eromanga history: Say Cheese! First published over nine years ago, this seminal title is now available for your reading enjoyment!

Inside this nine-chapter, two-hundred-sixty page beast of a tankoubon lies the story of Shousen Academy’s graduation album. This is no mere collection of banal student photos: inside its pages lie the gone-wild sex pictures of Shousen Acadamy’s students! But acquiring these photos is no mean feat, and this year the job falls upon student Tamao Tsukamu!

In this first volume of Say Cheese, Tamao is inducted into the Graduation Album Committee and begins acquiring pictures from the academy’s students, but some aren’t willing to part with their photos right away. This is the reason for the existence of the Maidenhood Match: a wager between a member of the Graduation Album Committee and a student, with their sex pics on the line! Should Tamao win, he can acquire photos from any student he likes… but should he fail, what can he possibly offer of equal value in return?!

J18 Publishing and Shiwasu no Okina are excited to bring you Volume 1 of Say Cheese! Available for the first time ever in physical form, this A5 size English-language release is a perfectly faithful recreation of the original Japanese publication, with only one improvement: a complete and total lack of censorship! If you’re an English-speaking fan of Shiwasu no Okina, you can’t miss out on this release!

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