Life With the Slime

Artist: DATE
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


Yuji’s an ordinary guy who just wants to live his life in peace. His girlfriend’s an extraterrestrial slime… who just wants Yuji all to herself.


DATE makes their sticky, slimy, body horror debut with J18 Publishing in Life With the Slime! A possessive alien slime takes a liking to the regular human Yuji, and he quickly learns she doesn’t like him spending time around other girls… at least, the ones she hasn’t assimilated into her slimy self.

Yuji’s life is simple: he’s a part-time convenience store clerk. Not many friends, never been popular with the ladies… at least, until a strange slime coils around him one day on his way home from work! But she’s not going to eat him: she just wants to enjoy his company, and loves trying to please him by shapeshifting her amorphous body into the various women in Yuji’s life. But the slime develops a possessive streak, mimicking his neighbors, his coworkers, and anybody who he finds the slightest bit attractive, using their bodies to have sex with him! Yuji grows suspicious: is the slime truly just impersonating these women, or is something much more sinister afoot? But even if all isn’t as it seems, does he actually care… so long as the slime is indulging his every fantasy?

J18 Publishing and DATE shiver with anticipation as they present this special English edition of Life With the Slime! This book also includes the stories Hedonic Nerve and a side story from DATE’s Residence tankoubon. Every SFX and line of dialogue has been translated into English and meticulously lettered, and the whole book has been printed in the original A5 form factor to preserve everything you loved about the original Japanese release… but now, you can enjoy DATE’s stomach-churning slime story without the slightest bit of censorship! Go on, pick up a copy of Life With the Slime—we promise it’ll remain a unique book in your collection…

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