The Hall Monitor on S.L.U.T. Duty: Stopping Lewd and Unethical Tomfoolery Vol. 4

Artist: Amano Don
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


The truth behind the S.L.U.T. Initiative is revealed! Will the polygamous relationship between Shinji, Hana, Chika, and Hina survive?!


Amano Don’s S.L.U.T. Duty series draws to a close in The Hall Monitor on S.L.U.T. Duty Vol. 4! When our protagonist Izumi Shinji learns the truth about the S.L.U.T. Initiative, what will happen to the relationships he’s formed with Sakurai Hana, Kitamura Chika, and Ryuzaki Hina?!

Shinji’s been enjoying his student life recently: he’s got three gorgeous girls tasked with preemptively relieving his sexual desires before he ever has the chance to get horny! But one day, the student council president summons him to reveal the truth behind the S.L.U.T. Initiative: due to Japan’s falling birthrate, the government intends to promote polygamous relationships between one man and many women, and Shinji is the first success of this program! In fact, he’s such a model case for polygamy that the student council intends to turn him into a breeding stud and have sex with every girl in the entire school! Shinji may possess an inhuman libido, but will he acquiesce to the government’s plans to give him a school-sized harem… or is there something he can do to ensure the future of his relationship with Hana, Chika, and Hina?

J18 Publishing and Amano Don are proud to deliver you the final installment of the S.L.U.T. Duty series, The Hall Monitor on S.L.U.T. Duty 4! Like each volume before it, this special English edition features fully-translated, lovingly lettered dialogue and SFX, and is printed in the original B5 form factor to preserve everything you loved about the original Japanese release… and of course, it’s fully uncensored! And if you’re not into sharing your squeeze with anyone else, don’t worry: when you buy a copy of this doujinshi, it’s just for you!

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