Seasonal Booty

Artist: Jun
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


Some readers like boobs, some readers like thighs, some readers like feet… but this is a book from Jun for those most cultured of readers who like BUTTS.

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Get ready to be crushed under the weight of this two-in-one anthology from artist Jun and J18 publishing, and the tremendous butt of its main character Marika Osako!

Seasonal Booty is a two-for-one featuring Osako, a world-class handball player on her school’s team, and her boyfriend Gotou. Osako’s a little conscious about her muscles that come from her sport, but Gotou likes girls with some meat on their bones. Specifically, he’s in love with her ass! (And he’s more than happy to help her “blow off steam” after a handball match!)

Featuring a summer chapter and a winter chapter, Seasonal Booty shows off Osako in her summer and winter uniforms! Whether you like girls dripping in sweat or all bundled up wearing tights, J18 Publishing and Jun have you covered with this special English edition! Printed in the exact same format as the Japanese originals, this book is a perfect anthology for fans wanting to read high-quality physical doujinshi without any censorship.

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