Fox Bride

Artist: Momoiro Onsen
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


A young man prays every day at a shrine for the health of his girlfriend. The fox spirit of the shrine is moved by his devotion, and sees fit to grant his desires…

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A great new hentai doujinshi by J18 Publishing and artist circle Momoiro Onsen about a man who’s able to be with his beloved through the power of a Fox goddess!

Every day a lonely man makes a long trek to a Shinto shrine located at the top of a mountain. His goal? To make an offering to the Gods so that they’ll somehow protect his girlfriend Ruri, who was injured in an accident as is in a coma. Because he’s not part of her family, he can’t visit her in the hospital, so all he can think to do is make a daily offering at this shrine.

Suddenly he hears a voice: a talking Fox goddess has taken pity on him. She offers to bring Ruri to him now, and channels the girl’s soul into her own body, making her magically appear in foxgirl form!

Suddenly reunited, the two are unable to keep their hands off each other, and they start pulling off each other’s clothes to enjoy the carnal lust that was denied by the accident.

Sadly they can only enjoy sex together this one time. Or is there another way?

J18 has worked to license this directly with circle Momoiro Onsen to enable English-speaking readers all around the world to enjoy their doujinshi printed at the same high-quality as the original, but with no censorship.

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