Akira’s Sexy Special Track and Field Club

Artist: Eda
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


Akira’s a track racer who just can’t seem to run faster! Maybe her new idol-turned-coach Gonda has the special (read: sexual!) techniques she needs to get those times back down!


From artist Eda and publisher J18 comes a delicious doujinshi starring Akira Iwami, a dedicated member of the track-and-field team whose coach is dedicated to training her up as best he can!

Akira has been frustrated lately, her race times starting to stall! Good thing new track and field coach Gonda is on the scene, ready to help Akira improve! He plans some extra physical training: full body massages, lung capacity training, and concentration exercises… which translates to feeling her up under her uniform, deepthroat blowjobs, and a whole lot of fucking! And it works! Thanks to Coach Gonda’s special training, it looks like Akira’s race times will recover after all!

J18 and Eda are delighted to present this unique doujinshi in a special 100% uncensored English edition! All forty-four pages are reprinted in full color on glossy paper, with no changes other than to translate it to English and make it fully uncensored.

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