Yamori’s Cum Toilets

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Yamori Irehiko is a young man who discovers the ability to make any woman want to have sex with him. How does he test his newfound power? When no woman is out of your league, how do you choose?

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From the legendary Shiwasu no Okina and J18 publishing comes this incredible three-in-one anthology, telling the story of one man with the power to make women have sex with him!

Yamori Irehiko is short, squat, a man of few words… but his balls are working overtime, churning out gallons of cum every day. When gets his hands on a special technique to convince people to do anything he wants, suddenly no woman is out of his league! Irehiko needs to test his newfound powers, and who better than on the girl closest to him in the world: his stepsister Himari! He’ll indulge his every desire, and she’ll forget about it as soon as it’s over!

Irehiko’s success does nothing to assuage his desires. There’s a new woman in his sights: his convenience store coworker Mai, a busty married women who he could never hope to have. But with his newfound powers and a break in his shift, Mai is no longer out of his reach…

Yamori’s Cum Toilets is a three-in-one anthology combining three stories from Shiwasu no Okina in this first-ever uncensored, English-language edition of his work! Working directly with the artist, J18 has created this special printing so fans across the globe can enjoy Shiwasu no Okina’s doujinshi printed at the same high-quality as the original, but with no censorship.

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