Netorare Girlfriend

Artist: Satou Kuuki
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


Souta’s girlfriend Mizuki is a track-and-field star, and the two of them plan to go to the same university when they graduate! But one day, Souta gets a DVD in the mail…

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This is a new uncensored English hentai manga by artist Satou Kuuki, published by J18, featuring one of the most legendary NTR stories ever told. 42 pages.

This licensed English doujinshi includes both chapters in the Netorare Girlfriend hentai series, which were published separately in Japan. The book comprises the full and complete story of Mizuki Suzumori story, and how she fell away from being Souta’s pure and devoted girlfriend and became a sexual tool for the enjoyment of the evil coach. Enjoy reading the sexy story of Souta finding his childhood sweetheart Mizuki Suzumori getting sexually snatched away forever.

This book is licensed from the artist Kuuki Satou of circle Vpans ECSTASY, and published for fans all over the world as a 100% uncensored and detailed “perfect edition.” The book features the entire Netorare Girlfriend story without any changes to the original, and even has an interview with the artist.

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