Kuro Gyaru: I Helped Out This Suntanned Beauty HS Gal Then She Took My Virginity and Became a Wifey Who’s Always Visiting!

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Give a gyaru an inch, and she’ll take a mile! It all starts with a towel. Then she’ll take your clothes, your bathtub, your virginity…?!

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Kirino Kyouske and J18 have a doujinshi for all the gyaru fans out there, which is 100% uncensored and fully translated into English!

Akari is a cute, gyaru neighbor locked out of her apartment on a cold rainy day. When her neighbor offers her a towel and shelter, she falls in love and starts staying over! Akari can cook, clean, and is always down for some loving– what more could you want from a gyaru wifey?

J18 has worked to license this directly with artist Kirino Kyousuke so that we can help English-speaking readers all around the world enjoy their doujinshi, printed with the same quality as the original and with no censorship.

This book is now in stock and shipping out of San Diego!

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