The Ultimate Himopan Collection 2018-2020

Artist: Kaisen Chuui
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


You like thicc girls? You like string panties? Look no further: this is The Ultimate Himopan Anthology, and it’s got your name written all over it.


Artist Kaisen Chuui is known for his incredibly plump girls practically bursting out of their uniforms. Now, for the first time, you can buy a physical version of his artwork! Partnering with J18 Publishing to make a fully-translated English commentary, this is truly an ultimate anthology of Kaisen Chuui’s work!

“Himopan” is the word for string panties in Japanese, underwear knotted at the sides instead of being held on with elastic. Kaisen Chuui is famous for drawing voluptuous girls spilling out of school uniforms just a bit too small for them, and this 96-page artbook collects his best works of his girls wearing string panties! With loads of different scenarios and an artist’s commentary to lend context to some of his best-known illustrations, The Ultimate Himopan Anthology is the definitive physical collection of Kaisen Chuui’s work from 2018 to 2020.

If you want to own a physical edition of Kaisen Chuui’s best work, this is your chance! Pick up a copy of The Ultimate Himopan Anthology today!

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