Illustrations for Sadists

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We’re asking the important questions here: are you the kind of person who wants to step on little girls?


Murakami Suigun and J18 Publishing are pleased to present Illustrations for Sadists, a 176-page anthology for those who appreciate placing young maidens where they belong, at the sharp end of a pointed rebuke while underfoot. Combining seven of Murakami Suigun’s previous releases into one anthology, this book is any sadist’s dream!

From maids and aquatic athletes to nuns and schoolgirls, Illustrations for Sadists shows off the host of detailed characters Murakami Suigun has crafted over the years—and they’re all under your command, dear reader. Witness them quail under your harsh gaze as they quaver under your control in this sumptuous banquet of submissive women! We hope your appetite is whetted, for these whelps require attitude rectification—though we’re sure you’ve readied yourself, as we both know that’s why you’re here.

J18 Publishing and Murakami Suigun are happy to bring you Illustrations for Sadists in this special anthologized English edition. Fully-translated and presented as a large-format A4 full-color softcover art book, this is the definitive way to appreciate Murakami Suigun’s wonderful illustrations. But if perhaps you find yourself craving more than sadism, Murakami Suigun also deals in illustrations for masochists… that is, if you dare submit yourself to them.

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