Artist: Mikoyan
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


From the fanbox archives of futanari maestro Mikoyan, this totally uncensored anthology of Mikoyan’s work is jam-packed with futanari monster girls, robots, athletes, and miscellany!


J18 and futanari artist Mikoyan are back, delivering this second anthology of Mikoyan’s finest fanbox art from 2018 to 2020! Filled with futanari monster girls, futanari robots, a futanari athletic team, and the rest of Mikoyan’s favorite miscellaneous futanari artwork, these pages aren’t the only things that are packing!

Mikoyan Archives Volume Two collects Mikoyan’s favorite monster girl, robot, and athletic team illustrations, along with a handful they couldn’t categorize! This book is subdivided into three sections. Creatures and Robots focuses on Mikoyan’s futanari robots and monster girls, with a deep dive into their anatomy! The Futanari Athletic Club focuses on its seven members… and its members’ members, as they engage in the sport of competitive cumming! Finally, Miscellany focuses on those illustrations Mikoyan loved so much they just had to include! This futanari buffet is bursting with content for you to enjoy!

48 pages long pages long and printed on luxurious high-quality paper stock with a gorgeous matte cover, this B5 size artbook faithfully reproduces the quality of the original Japanese release. And just like volume one, this book is totally uncensored! This is your chance to own your very own collection of Mikoyan’s finest futanari illustrations!

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