Maid Payback: Loving a Maid from Sour to Sweet

Artist: Momoiro Onsen
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


Buxom maid Megumi’s new employer is a man named Makoto, a schlubby overweight artist! But is there more chemistry between the unlikely pair than might meet the eye…?

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J18 and circle Momoiro Onsen have come together to make an English-language doujinshi that will be a sure hit for maid lovers everywhere: Maid Payback!

Megumi is a newly hired maid who’s willing to do anything for her master Makoto, an overweight, struggling novelist down on his luck. On the first day of the job, Makoto gets down on his knees and begs to have sex with Megumi. The reason? He needs artistic inspiration for the book he is currently writing!

And thus begins a relationship that leads to various sex acts, unlocking forgotten memories, and… exercise?

J18 worked directly with circle Momoiro Onsen to license and translate this book so English-speaking readers all around the world can enjoy doujinshi printed with the same quality as the original, and with no censorship.

This book is now in stock and shipping out of San Diego!

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