METAHUMAN AMNERO: Reinforced Human

Artist: Hyocoro
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


From artist Hyocoro and publisher J18 comes a beautiful doujinshi that’s half sci-fi action, half steamy sex! Get ready to dive into the story of bounty hunter Marco and his brand-new partner, Amnero!

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Prepare to enter Hyocoro’s science-fiction universe: Metahuman Amnero! Reinforced Human is the first installment in this this series, a doujinshi that perfectly blends tantalizing sci-fi themes with passion-filled sex scenes!

Meet cavalier bounty hunter Marco and his new partner Amnero! She’s a girl much stronger and faster than your average human, but she keeps the mysterious origin of her abilities to herself. However, after a particularly grueling mission, her powers get away from her and she has no choice but to reveal the secrets of her body to Marco! What will he do once he learns what really makes Amnero tick?!

J18 and Hyocoro are delighted to present this unique doujinshi in this 100% uncensored English edition! All forty-eight pages of superb science fiction and steamy sex have been reproduced in the same format as the Japanese original, perfect for fans who have been itching to enjoy Hyocoro’s beautiful artwork as it was meant to be seen!

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