Let’s Go! Kunoichi Otoha

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It’s time for the young kunoichi warrior Otoha to undertake her first mission! How will she handle her task: the pacification of a jealous virgin high-schooler?

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A great new uncensored hentai doujinshi by J18 Publishing and artist Konohiro Shinko, Let’s Go! Kunoichi Otoha is the story of a female ninja-in-training bringing love to the world.

One day, female ninja Otoha is sent on a mission: she must travel to a nearby school and investigate why one of the students, Saburou, is being so aggressive and bullying his fellow students. It turns out that Saburou is frustrated because his younger brother got a girlfriend, but he’s never even touched a girl! Fortunately, Otoha has the perfect techniques to quiet Saburou’s unsettled heart, using her special ninja sexual techniques!

(Kunoichi is an old term for a female ninja, because the characters くノ一 kunoichi can be combined into the character for ‘woman’ which is 女 onna.)

J18 has worked to license this directly with artist Konoshiro Shinko so that we could help English-speaking readers all around the world enjoy their doujinshi, printed with the same quality as the original but with no censorship.

We’ve even got an extra-special interview with the artist at the end for you!

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