Myuka Never Says No

Artist: Hyocoro
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


Hyocoro and J18 Publishing are here with the second installment in the Metahuman Amnero series! A semi-prequel to Reinforced Human, this doujinshi tells the story of Amnero and Marco’s first mission together, and the girl they’ve been assigned to capture: Myuka!

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Hyocoro delivers the second installment in his science-fiction universe Metahuman Amnero, focusing on Marco and Amnero’s first mission together! Get ready to learn about Marco and Amnero’s history together, hinted at in the first installment but expanded upon in Myuka Never Says No!

Myuka is an innocent and cheerful girl, working as a waitress at a seedy dive bar. When regular patron and military bigshot Nagamatsu shows up, Myuka is selected by the bar’s owner to show the war hero some extra attention! But the two of them aren’t alone as they’d think: Marco and Amnero are watching from a distance, and the young Myuka is actually their target! Nagamatsu is determined to enjoy himself with Myuka, but is this innocent waitress really all that she seems…?

J18 and Hyocoro are proud to present the second doujinshi in Hyocoro’s Metahuman Amnero series in this special English edition! Printed in the same format as the Japanese original, this book is perfect for fans eager to enjoy Hyocoro’s work without any pesky censorship in the way!

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