Mommy Milky Meadows Collection

Artist: Misaoka
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


When a little boy named Yuu is abandoned outside a dairy farm, the farmer (and all his cow girls) decide to help raise him! Two girls in particular, Sissy and Mii, take a liking to Yuu and are determined to make sure he grows up big and strong!

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Get ready for a four-in-one anthology filled with perfectly plump cowgirls and shota love, brought to you by Misaoka and J18 publishing!

When a kind farmer decides to take in a young boy abandoned at his dairy farm, who better to help raise and nourish him than the cow girls living there? Milk is the perfect food for the growing young boy named Yuu, and where better to get it than straight from the dairy cow girls themselves? One girl in particular named Sissy takes a liking to the boy, and he takes a shine to her as well! But as he gets older, he starts to see her as something more than just his guardian…

After Sissy becomes Yuu’s exclusive wet nurse, some of the other cows begin to grow curious about what nursing him must be like! In particular, a lovely dark-skinned cow girl named Mii begins to wonder if Yuu and Sissy are getting up to anything other than nursing! When the farmer brings a bull around to the farm for breeding, Mii gets so turned on she just can’t help but go after Yuu herself! Can Mii and Sissy keep Yuu to themselves, or will the other cow girls want in on the fun?!

Mommy Milky Meadows is a four-in-one anthology (including bonus content!) taking four of artist Misaoka’s finest doujinshi and putting them together in an uncensored, English-language printed edition! J18 has worked directly with the artist to make this special printing so fans around the world can enjoy Misaoka’s doujinshi printed at the same high quality as the original, but without any censorship.

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