Seika Women’s Academy: Certified Comfort Man Anthology

Artist: Kurosu Gatari
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


The young women of the Seika Women’s Academy are in need of a method to discreetly deal with their sexual desires… and luckily, the academy’s top-secret comfort man program fits the bill!

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One of the most-requested hentai doujinshi works from J18 Publishing, this anthology compiles the original four chapters of Kurosu Gatari’s flagship original series Seika Women’s Academy: Certified Comfort Man! A struggling father and husband down on his luck stumbles into a job opportunity at the prestigious Seika Women’s Academy, but gets more than he bargained for when he learns the details of his new position: being a Certified Comfort Man!

Pressure on the daughters of well-to-do families is high: their parents dictate everything from their education to their personal friendships. Naturally, sex with boys of questionable moral character is out of the question… and that’s where the certified comfort man program comes in! To allow students of the academy to express their growing sexual appetites, comfort men are employed with whom the students are permitted to satisfy their sexual needs. Three students quickly become regular patrons of our protagonist’s services: the busty and bespectacled Kisaragi Tomoe, who loves toying with older men; the tanned and toned Katou Mio, a track ace with a secret exhibitionism fetish; and the voluptuous valedictorian Louisa Lichter, the overly strict student council president! What kind of man could be strong enough to satisfy the sexual desires of three sexually powerful young women… and their emotional needs as well?!

This splendid four-in-one compilation is the product of J18 Publishing’s partnership with artist Kurosu Gatari, combining the original four volumes of Seika Women’s Academy: Certified Comfort Man into a single definitive English anthology. Printed at the same large-format B5 size as each original Japanese release, this special English edition is the best way for readers all around the world to enjoy their English-translated Kurosu Gatari doujinshi—with the only alteration to the Japanese version being the removal of that pesky censorship! What do you say: do you have what it takes to become a certified comfort man?

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