Seika Women’s Academy: Certified Comfort Man 5

Artist: Kurosu Gatari
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


Even after three months spent handling the sexual needs of the Seika Academy students, new ways to pleasure them are waiting to be discovered!


Kurosu Gatari is back with J18 Publishing for the fifth chapter of the Seika Women’s Academy series! Every two weeks, our protagonist is summoned to the office of Headmistress Sumeragi Rikka to report on his activities with the Seika Academy students, and he’s certainly got stories to tell! Though of course that’s not the only reason the Headmistress wants to see him—administrators have to blow off some stress too, after all…

The comfort men of Seika Academy sure have it rough sometimes. With so many students demanding their attention, they may inadvertently neglect one of their charges… as is the case with Kisaragi Tomoe, who sees fit to have our protagonist bound and gagged for some bondage play after she goes several weeks without sexual relief! One of his other regulars, Katou Mio, takes him to a public park when she gets her turn with him, and she wants a heaping helping of cowgirl and doggystyle for her dose of outdoor exhibitionism! Louisa Lichter has her own brand of request, continuing the daddy-daughter play of which she’s grown so fond, swapping her schoolgirl uniform out for her old ballet leotard. Academy headmistress Sumeragi Rikka has her own job ensuring that our protagonist possesses the appropriate attitude and prowess for a comfort man, and if that means sampling his abilities herself, all the better. Though, she may have a deeper reason for enjoying his company… one that remains unexplored. Chapter five of the Seika Women’s Acadamy series is a beautiful buffet of sexual scenarios, and a welcome reintroduction of the main cast of colorful characters!

Whether you’re new to the series or returning for more, J18 Publishing and Kurosu Gatari are pleased to present Seika Women’s Academy: Certified Comfort Man 5. Printed in large-format B5 size, this special English edition preserves the look and feel and everything there is to love about the original Japanese version—with the only alteration being the elimination of those black bar censors!

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