Ikezaki Misa Collection

Artist: Ikezaki Misa
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


This trilogy asks a very important question: what if French heroine Jeanne d’Arc, Hungarian serial killer Elizabeth Báthory, and Romanian folk hero Vlad Dracula III… were femboys?


J18 Publishing is honored to present the Ikezaki Misa Collection, a stunning three-in-one box set from none other than Ikezaki Misa herself, containing three spectacular stories: Jeanne Prostituée, A Báthory fiú, and Dracula Prostituată. This trilogy is three years in the making, a story spanning three centuries, weaving a compelling story together with jaw-dropping art, and an experience not to be missed by any lover of Ikezaki Misa and her work.

Jeanne Prostituée is the first doujinshi in this collection, transporting us to 15th century France in the time of Jeanne d’Arc and her companion-in-arms Gilles de Rais. Lovers of history may know Gilles was accused of dabbling in the occult, the deaths of hundreds of children attributed to him, and this tale explores the later years of Gilles’ life, the young boys he may have tenderly raised only to slaughter, and the depravity of the monuments to hubris which he built. But there is one addition to this tale of Le Monstre Sacré, The Pious Monster: a boy with no name, an orphan plucked from the streets, who would become Gilles’ lover… and taking the name Jeanne, bestowed upon him by none other than Gilles himself.

A Báthory fiú is our second doujinshi, placing us in the 17th century Kingdom of Hungary, following the life of one of Elizabeth Báthory’s children. In life, Elizabeth was accused of numerous shocking murders, torturing young girls in her charge, bathing in their blood to maintain her own beauty and youth, while confined in the prison of Csejte Castle. This tale explores the conduct of a mysterious son: Hergé Báthory, a boy determined to maintain his mother’s beauty and youth even after she has taken to her bedchambers, refusing to return to the public eye. Hergé will maintain his beauty in lieu of his mother’s, and his methods involve bathing in not blood, but the seed of other young men. And like his mother, Hergé may go one step too far… and his mother’s captors may take their revenge on him for both their actions.

Dracula Prostituată is the final doujinshi in this set, chronicling the lives of Vlad Dracula and his younger brother Radu in 15th century Wallachia. The historical Vlad Dracul was forced to surrender his sons to the Ottoman Empire in the Devshirme, and they were taken to Sultan Murad’s palace to become his servants… but there historical fact becomes muddled with fiction, as the two proud sons of a vampire king are drawn into a tale dripping with sex, political struggles, and murder―a journey through Vlad’s life as he uses sex as a weapon, creating a name for himself in the Ottoman Empire and Wallachia, forging treasonous alliances with neighboring countries, and earning his famous title The Impaler. But Vlad is most certainly a vampire in this tale, and the blood of his enemies calls to him… blood which will grant him immortality, yet chain him to the life of sexual slavery and brotherly betrayal to which he has committed himself.

An impeccable blend of masterful storytelling and sexual gratification, Ikezaki Misa and J18 Publishing are proud to present the Ikezaki Misa Collection. Three matte-cover doujinshi inside a gold foil-stamped box, this ultimate English edition of Ikezaki Misa’s stunning doujinshi preserves the reading direction and B5 format of the original Japanese release. With every single snippet of dialogue, every last sound effect, and each tremendous afterword translated, the Ikezaki Misa Collection safeguards absolutely everything there is to love about the Japanese edition… with perhaps the only improvement being that every last speck of censorship has been removed from all three doujinshi. This box set is the first time Ikezaki Misa’s doujinshi have ever been available to read as imagined by the artist, and is an experience not to be missed. Femboy fan or not, you will want to own this spectacular box set.

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