Application Transformation: No Way A Smartphone App Could Turn Me into a Girl!

Artist: Etori Yuuya
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


Akiya’s been bullied out of school, but his older brother Yukito picks on him at home too. Akiya decides to teach his brother a lesson with the power of a mysterious phone app!

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Etori Yuuya is back with J18 Publishign for another great femboy doujinshi, and this one’s keeping all the action in the family!

Akiya’s older brother Yukito is a bully, always trying to force his younger brother to man up. So when Akiya gets his hands on a hypnosis application, he uses it to turn it to turn his older brother into a femboy! Yukito’s chest swells, his hair lengthens, and he starts loving anal play! Is Akiya trying to turn his older brother into his perfect girlfriend?!

J18 Publishing and Etori Yuuya are proud to team up for the second time to bring you this special English edition of Application Transformation, presented in the same format as the original but without any of that pesky censorship. This is the perfect book for all you femboy connoisseurs out there to add to your collections!

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