Tanned Girl + Blue Hair Anthology

Artist: Neyuki Rei
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


It’s not every day an anthology like this tells you what’s inside right in the title―so when one does, you’d better believe it!


Hold on to your gorgeous tanned butt, if you’ve got one! The Tanned Girl + Blue Hair Anthology from J18 Publishing and artist Neyuki Rei is now available! Combining three of Neyuki Rei’s stunning artbooks into one splendid softcover volume, you’d better have some sunscreen on hand if you’re prepared to bask in the radiance of these pages!

Tanned girls with blue hair in bike shorts? Got you covered. Tanned girls with blue hair in uniforms? Got you covered. Tanned girls with blue hair wearing nothing but socks and a couple band-aids? Believe it or not, got you covered. This anthology is filled with Neyuki Rei’s characteristically plump-yet-perfectly-toned girls, in more outfits and poses than you can shake a stick at! This is a book for people who want to drool over tan lines and soft curves, and the Tanned Girl + Blue Hair anthology is dishing up plenty. Complete with several fully-translated artist commentaries, if you’ve been waiting for your chance to own a physical collection of Neyuki Rei’s art, your opportunity has arrived!

J18 Publishing is proud to present Neyuki Rei’s Tanned Girl + Blue Hair anthology, combining three of Neyuki Rei’s out-of-print Japanese collections into one 76-page volume. Presented in the original large B5 format, this special English edition goes a step beyond the Japanese by switching to perfect binding and printing on high-quality glossy paper. This is the definitive showcase of Neyuki Rei’s series of tanned, blue-haired women, and an excellent addition to anyone’s art book collection!

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