The Best of Kaisen Chuui Figure + Art Book Set

Artist: Kaisen Chuui
Publishers: Gentlemen, J18
Ships from: USA


Kaisen Chuui’s back, and not just with another artbook—this time he’s bringing a sexy figure too!

Available on March 31, 2024

From AmiAmi’s adult figure brand Gentlemen comes the “Cheerleader Who Forgot Her Safety Shorts” 1/6 scale figure, but that’s not all: J18 Publishing is pleased to bundle it together with their brand-new Kaisen Chuui art book, The Best of Kaisen Chuui Collection 2020-2021! If you love Kaisen Chuui’s cute, curvy schoolgirls on the printed page, you’ll love them even more in the figure flesh!

No safety shorts? No problem! At least, that’s what this cheerleader thought before realizing she’d have to go perform in her panties instead! Her thigh-high tan lines only emphasize the missing garment, providing an additional layer of excitement to this already-appealing figure. She even comes with two swappable faceplates: her standard expression, perfectly mirroring the original illustration, and a special embarrassed expression where she can’t help but pout at you as you gaze at her. But that’s not all: she comes with alternate upper and lower body components to take her appearance from sexy to outright scandalous! You can take off her top to expose her ample breasts, or even remove her skirt and panties entirely! Choose between blushing and bashful, and don’t forget: if you take this figure home, she’s dancing only for you!

Of course, you get more than just a gorgeous 1/6 figure in this set: you can also get your hands on a fantastic J18 Publishing art book with a selection of Kaisen Chuui’s greatest illustrations from 2020 to 2021! Curated by Kaisen Chuui himself, this artbook is a celebration of bodacious bosoms threatening to burst through tight button-up shirts. Maintaining his focus on breasts and thighs throughout, this is your chance to own a physical edition of a full year’s worth of the artist’s greatest hits!

J18 Publishing and AmiAmi are delighted to offer you this figure and art book set. The figure itself is high-quality PVC/ABS plastic, designed in Japan, an an excellent 1/6 scale rendition of Kaisen Chuui’s original characters. The art book is fully translated and lettered, printed in full color on thick, glossy paper, and presented in a large-format A4 size that fits right at home with J18’s other art book offerings. This gorgeous figure and artbook set is only available for a limited time, so bring it home into the end zone and buy while you still can!

*This product is a pre-order. Details may vary between sample photos and the final product.

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