I Married a Tan Gyaru From the Countryside

Artist: Kaduchi
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


Doesn’t every man wish he could move out to a quiet home in the countryside, meet a cute gyaru with big boobs, and have lots of babies with her?


J18 Publishing and Kaduchi are pleased to present this delightfully gyaru-focused doujinshi, I Married a Tan Gyaru From the Countryside! When our protagonist moves out to the sticks, he’s ready to accept his quiet life away from the nine-to-five Tokyo grind… but little does he know, he’ll meet the gyaru love of his life!

Koichi’s a simple guy, a freelancer in search of the simple countryside life away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Imagine his surprise when he meets country bumpkin gyaru Ichika—and when she can’t get enough of him! She’s cute, funny… and as luck would have it, perfectly compatible with Koichi in the bedroom. And hey, what else do you need to know to settle down and have lots of baby-making sex together? Hobbies? Last names? Family members? Forget it! Enjoy that simple life of sex and fun in the sun with your tan gyaru bride!

This special English edition of I Married a Tan Gyaru From the Countryside is presented in the original large-format B5 size, with every last bit of SFX and dialogue translated to preserve everything you enjoyed about the original Japanese release. The only alteration J18 Publishing is pleased to offer is the removal of all that pesky censorship, so now you can enjoy Kaduchi’s girls in all their uncensored gyaru glory!

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