The Complete Mega-Sized Collection

Artist: Teterun
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


Size queens beware: these big-dick behemoths are cumming your way!


J18 Publishing trembles in awe of this magnum-sized Teterun anthology, The Complete MEGA-SIZED Collection! Teterun’s signature style oozes from every page of this four-in-one compilation, featuring four female protagonists whose voracious sexual appetites are matched in size only by their massive members. Can you handle the sheer quantity of cock within?!

The Complete MEGA-SIZED Collection is a futanari-lover’s feast, split into four chapters. Chapter one, “In Search of a Dick Bigger Than Mine”, features a woman in search of a penis of truly mythical power level! She’s fucked her way through every girlcock in town, but will she finally meet her match in the sisters of Futanari Beach and their meter-long members? Chapter two, “A Day in the Life of Chode Chimari”, focuses on the college-age Chimari and her part-time work at a dickgirl delivery service, where her job’s to fuck girls who are crazy for cock—and she’s darn good at it! “Futanari Measuring Up” is the third chapter in the anthology, featuring a real size queen looking for a cock even bigger than her own! Maybe one of the customers of Futa Cafe has the meat she’s been seeking, but has she bitten off more than she can chew? The final chapter is “GIGAFUTA”, featuring a pair of futanari sexters meeting one another IRL for the first time! They’ve both got truly massive cocks…but fortunately, that’s what they’re both into! Truly, The Complete MEGA-SIZED Collection is a must-have for any Teterun fan… or purveyors of the largest girldicks that doujinshi have to offer!

J18 Publishing and Teterun are pleased to present this special English anthology, The Complete MEGA-SIZED Collection! This compilation preserves the original large-format B5 size of all four original books and features full translations of every last bit of dialog and SFX, creating a reading experience made equal to the original Japanese releases… but this anthology is totally uncensored, so you can pore over these fine phalluses as Teterun always imagined they might be seen!

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