Until You Melt

Artist: dibi
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


Give a boy enough pleasure, and he’ll drown himself in it…


From just one glance at the cover of this book, those long limbs and spindly fingers are a dead giveaway: J18 Publishing is proud to present the very first English-language tankoubon from femdom master Dibi! Get ready to be taken on an adventure within the pages of Until You Melt, but don’t worry about making sure you’ve strapped yourself in—these lovely ladies will take care of that for you.

Inside this curated collection lie nine stories, each more suggestive than the last. Will you sympathize with Yō, desperate for his lover’s touch after weeks of voluntary abstinence in A Promise Kept? Or slip into Haru’s shoes, eager to explore his submissive side with his college girlfriend as she edges him for an entire month in The First Day of Many? Perhaps you’d like to indulge your fantasies as Lieutenant Liliana as she transforms a hardened assassin into her lapdog in The Pleasure Chamber of the Valkyrie, or slip into Sakura’s shoes as she spoils her boyfriend Umi rotten both inside and out in Wrapped Up? Do you fantasize about being edged for hours, lovingly denied the sweet release of climax… or are you she who holds the leash?

J18 Publishing is proud to present Dibi’s tankoubon Until You Melt, available for the first time as a physical English release. Printed in its original A5 format, this special English edition preserves everything there is to love about the original Japanese release… except now, you can experience Dibi’s incredible artwork without an ounce of censorship.

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