I’ll Squeeze You Dry

Artist: Chirumakuro
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


The only thing better than a girl with huge boobs is a short girl with huge boobs.


Chirumakuro comes to J18 Publishing with their debut English tankoubon I’ll Squeeze You Dry! This book goes out to all the shortstack fans out there, featuring ten perfectly-proportioned heroines ready to put their assets to good use!

I’ll Squeeze You Dry knows exactly what readers want: short girls with big boobs giving fantastic titjobs, and “Sweet Tooth Sweetheart” is the perfect example! Rimu is a foodie, and all the sweets she eats go straight to her tits! The rest of those calories go toward sex with her boyfriend… but when she gets insecure about her weight, it’s up to him to show her just how much he loves that soft, sexy body of hers! Then there’s “Cheering You On”, where airhead cheerleader Ami struggles to get her boyfriend to fix her phone… that is, until she comes up with the perfect cheer routine to get him motivated! Her phone might stay broken if he can’t tear himself away from her boobs, but she doesn’t care so long as she has a boy toy to play with instead! And we haven’t even gotten to Aika, who hates that her boyfriend jerks off to lingerie magazines when she’s not around! To tear him away from his fantasies, she’ll have to fulfill them herself… and since the girls in his pornos love giving titjobs, she knows exactly what she has to do! And those are just three of the fantastic stories waiting for you inside this titjob paradise, so what are you waiting for—dive on in!

Chirumakuro and J18 Publishing are delighted to bring you this special English edition of I’ll Squeeze You Dry. Featuring fully-translated dialogue and SFX, this book is also presented in the original A5 format to preserve everything you loved about the original Japanese version… except now, you can appreciate Chirumakuro’s sexy shortstacks without a single black bar of censorship! These lovely ladies might be taken, but you can bring home your very own copy of this book today!

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