Mister Angel: Adventures of a Sugar Daddy

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Mister Angel is no ordinary mild-mannered protagonist: he’s a super sugar daddy!

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J18 Publishing and Shiwasu no Okina return with compensated dating classic Mister Angel: Adventures of a Sugar Daddy! When money gets tight or parents have a vice grip on their purse strings, some girls turn to the world of pay-to-play dating for extra spending cash… and when they run into Mister Angel, they soon find his wallet isn’t the only thing that’s generously-sized!

They call it the oldest profession, but it’s still in style among the schoolgirls of today! Mister Angel: Adventures of a Sugar Daddy is a ten-chapter extravaganza of compensated dating delights, as the eponymous Mister Angel fucks his way through schoolgirl after schoolgirl: some are like first-timer Konoe Akari, just in it for the cash, while other regulars like Odawara Melon, Mamezuka Reika, and Mamoito Mia are equally in it for the fun! Sisters Chisa and Kanade are seeking a thrill, doing the deed in their own home while hiding it from their parents, while classmates Jessie, Niki, and Ariana are after cash as much as after cock! And that’s to say nothing of all Mister Angel’s other regulars, who enjoy his comfortable presence and genial demeanor as much as they enjoy a good fucking—in exchange for generous compensation, of course. But while the girls never question the source of their sugar daddy’s extraordinary income, is Mister Angel really as pure as his name implies?

J18 Publishing and Shiwasu no Okina are delighted to bring you this special English edition of Mister Angel: Adventures of a Sugar Daddy! Available in the original A5 format, every last line of dialogue and sound effect has been translated, lettered, and retouched to preserve absolutely everything you loved about reading the original Japanese release… except now, you can enjoy Shiwasu no Okina’s artwork without an single black bar of censorship! Come and get in on the action: Mister Angel will make it well worth your while!

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