The Hall Monitor on S.L.U.T Duty: Stopping Lewd and Unethical Tomfoolery Vol. 3

Artist: Amano Don
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


The S.L.U.T. initiative has a new member joining its ranks, so good thing there’s two students ready to help show her how it’s done!

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Amano Don returns to J18 Publishing with The Hall Monitor on S.L.U.T Duty: Stopping Lewd and Unethical Tomfoolery Vol. 3! Hana and Chika have been keeping Shinji’s sexual urges in check, but there’s one more girl on the student council who’s been too nervous to take her turn with him. Good thing Hana and Chika are more than happy to show her the ropes!

Ryuzaki Hina has a tough time saying no… so she’s been roped into the S.L.U.T Duty Initiative! But Hina’s a virgin, and nervous to have her first time with a boy she barely knows. Luckily, Hana and Chika are seasoned S.L.U.T. participants and ready to help! They’ll embark on an intensive two-week training program to get Hina acclimated to being around Shinji, until she’s ready to have sex with him! Those two weeks will be a hellish period of abstinence for Shinji, so when the time comes to break the seal, he’ll require the services of all three girls to deal with his pent-up libido… and with his own harem of S.L.U.T.s, the Initiative is ready to enter its final phase!

J18 Publishing is proud to team up with Amano Don again for the continuation of the S.L.U.T Duty series! Presented in the original large-format B5 size, fully-translated, and without a single black bar of censorship, this special English edition of The Hall Monitor on S.L.U.T. Duty Volume 3 is ready to take care of your sexual desires—go on, take advantage of its services and add it to your collection!

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