The Maiden Knight Chronicles: The Maiden Knights’ Secrets

Artist: Ohagisan
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


There’s a popular urban legend at the Women’s Royal Knight Academy: that every year, one of its students sprouts a male member…

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Ohagisan makes his return to J18 Publishing with new series The Maiden Knight Chronicles, starting with installment number one: The Maiden Knights’ Secrets! Everyone loves a good urban legend, and no academic institution is complete without spooky stories of students past—but this tall tale may be more phallic fact than fiction!

The Women’s Royal Knight Academy is host to all manner of students: humans, elves, loup-garous, and more all gather to study within its halls. With the students gather far-fetched rumors, legends of the academy’s seven wonders: a statue that comes to life! A mirror that doesn’t show your reflection! But the real kicker is the hidden eighth wonder of the academy: the dick-baton relay! One female student sprouts a penis every year, cursed by the memory of a boy who was executed for sneaking into the academy! Nobody takes the eighth wonder seriously, of course… but it’s real, and dark elf Kiska is its current holder. She’d never have sex with another student and pass them the baton without consent… but what will happen when Kiska runs into a student intent on having the eighth wonder for herself?

J18 Publishing is proud to present this special English edition of Ohagisan’s The Maiden Knights’ Secrets! With every last bit of dialog and SFX painstakingly translated and lettered, this gorgeous matte-coated, gold foil-stamped, large-format B5 size release preserves everything you loved about the original Japanese version… and now, you can drink in Ohagisan’s gorgeous artwork without a single black bar of censorship! Go on, pick up a copy for yourself… and why not let your friends know, and pass the baton yourself?

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