The Maiden Knight Chronicles: The Maiden Knights’ Illicit Invitations

Artist: Ohagisan
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


Blackwald’s gotten her hands on the baton, but her goddess-defiling dreams are interrupted by a classmate seeking the eighth wonder for herself!

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Ohagisan and J18 Publishing are keeping the pressure on with the second installment in The Maiden Knight Chronicles, presenting The Maiden Knight’s Illicit Invitations! Blackwald’s got the eighth wonder now and plans to use it… but she’s not the only student pursuing the wonder for her own ends!

At The Women’s Royal Knight Academy, the urban legend of a penis that attaches to a different girl every year turns out to be real—and human witch Blackwald has inherited it from dark elf Kiska! But Blackwald quickly discovers that dicks don’t behave themselves, and keeping it down is a round-the-clock deal: she doesn’t even last a day before her loup-garou classmate Ciz sniffs out the penis in her possession! Ciz smells male musk on Blackwald, and she’ll do anything to get where it’s coming from… including transferring that eighth wonder to herself, even if it means fucking Blackwald in public where she can’t get away!

J18 Publishing is pleased to present this special English edition of Ohagisan’s Maiden Knight’s Illicit Invitations! Featuring a matte cover, gold foil stamp, fully-translated and lettered SFX and dialog, and full-color large-format B5 pages, this release preserves everything you loved about the Japanese version… but now, you can savor Ohagisan’s gorgeous artwork without a single black bar of censorship! It seems more students are after the baton than we thought, so you’d better pick up your copy of this book before someone beats you to it!

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