Pet or Slave!!

Artist: O-USO
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


In a world where men are no longer necessary for the propagation of the human race, is not their rightful place under a woman’s stocking-clad foot?


If all you’ve ever wanted was for women to gaze upon you with disdain as they torture you into ecstasy with their feet… you need wait no longer, for J18 Publishing and O-Uso are here to bring you Pet or Slave!! For footjob lovers and submissive types everywhere, this is the femdom supremacy tankoubon of your dreams!

Inside the seven chapters of of Pet or Slave!! you’ll find the stories of masochistic men like Takagi and his stoic female classmate Kurobe in “I Have a Foot Fetish”, who when she finds him sniffing her stinky shoes after class… decides to indulge him with an all-he-can-lick stocking buffet. She’ll demean and debase him, treating Takagi as little more than a glorified footstool, but that’s exactly the treatment he wants—and Kurobe might start to enjoy the show! You can join fellow submissives in “Spiritual Harrassment: Test of Courage”, where a teenager who can see ghosts finds himself possessed by the spirits of sexually frustrated high school girls, and “Shambles”, where a poor doujinshi assistant is forced to indulge the crossdressing fantasies of his artist, but the real meat of Pet or Slave!! lies in the eponymous “Pet or Slave” chapters! In a world where men are no longer required for procreation and have gone nearly extinct, those who remain live out their lives as furniture, sex toys, or even toilets… and completely at the mercy of their female masters. Four entire chapters are devoted to Meike Misaki, Yamada Rafflesia, and the three Koyomi sisters, and how they treat the men in their care! Whether you’re following along with Misaki as she trains her pet male into an anal vibrator, Yamada as she exacts her sweet revenge on the men who wronged her family in ages past, or the Koyomi sisters’ sibling rivalry over which one of them their male prefers, this is your chance to experience a world where man’s natural place is with woman’s foot stomping on his cock!

J18 Publishing is proud to present O-Uso’s Pet or Slave!! in this special English edition, with every last bit of dialogue and SFX translated and not an ounce of a speck of censorship in sight! Presented in the original A5 tankoubon format, this English version preserves everything you loved about the original Japanese release—so whether you’re a longtime femdom fan or new to the genre, better pick up a copy… while you still can!

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